Wire & Tube Technology Spring Training Centre Launched in Redditch 

The Michael Bunegar Spring Training Centre In March this year we launched the Michael Bunegar Spring Training Centre with an opening ceremony at our showroom at the Rubicon Centre in Redditch. The event was attended by 35 customers, local dignitories and Mike's family. The Centre opens a new chapter in the growth of W&TT and the support we are now able to offer. With a Wafios F3 CNC Spring Coilng and CNC FMU Spring Wire Forming machines in the showroom we can now offer not only customer training but group or one-to-one sessions for apprentices and students looking to join the world of spring maufacure and the market leading machines used in their manufacture.   

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Wafios will be showing at The Wire & Tube Show in Dusseldorf from 16th to 20th April 2018. Hall 10/F22 for Wire and Hall 5/A21 for Tube. To register follow the link below: 
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